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St Helens Wasp Nest Removal by Trained Professionals

What is the best way to remove a wasp nest? Despite many suggestions that can be found online for DIY methods, the best technique is to simply pick up the phone. Handling any pest control problem can be risky without training, and wasps are perhaps one of the more dangerous household pests. Experts like Young’s Pest Control can handle any wasp control problem easily and safely, at affordable prices.

Wasp nestWhy Wasps Are Dangerous

Wasps are among the most aggressive insects that can become pests. Unlike bees, wasps have a smooth stinger that doesn’t get stuck in the victim of their sting, meaning they can sting over and over again. Unlike the relatively solitary hornet, wasps live in large colonies and respond to chemical signals from their injured nest mates by swarming. Anyone who has ever swatted a wasp only to find themselves the victim of several more has experienced this phenomenon. One hornet sting may be more painful than one wasp sting, but being stung only once by a wasp is rare.
Wasp venom causes painful swelling at the sting site, but for some people it can also be lethal. Wasp allergies are not uncommon, especially among people who are allergic to bees, and can trigger serious symptoms requiring immediate medical attention.

Professional Wasp Control is Best

When people attempt to handle a wasp problem by themselves they often end up being stung or injured. Whatever risk there was from simply having a wasp nest nearby is magnified when the colony is disturbed by a wasp nest removal treatment. In addition, there is a risk of falling off of a ladder or roof while trying to reach the nest, becoming stuck in a tight space, or accidentally contaminating the area with the wasp management product being used. Many wasp control products can be easily inhaled, especially in tight areas, causing respiratory irritation and poisoning symptoms.

Professionals trained in wasp removal techniques have safety equipment, experience and knowledge that allows them to safely apply a wasp nest removal treatment without being stung, in any situation. A simple phone call is all it takes to get the experts on the job.

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